Good Morning!!!
I am moving out on my own January 1, and I urgently need a loving new home for my two cats.
Here is a little about them:
I am 6 years old, and black with 3 white hairs on my chest. I love to sleep. I like dogs and currently chase our chihuahua around the house. I am a female and am spayed. I am smaller than most cats, black, and have a shorter tail. I enjoy playing with kids. I love to snuggle. I have recently visited the veterinarian and got my one year indoor vaccine. I am in good health, and love to play hide and go seek sometimes. I used to sit on my mom?s lap while she was doing her homework and kept her from procrastinating by digging my claws into her if she moved. My mom thought this was really funny! I have lots of the love to give <3
I am 13 years old and I love to sleep.I am black and white. If we get along nice, I will be your cuddle buddy. I would be a total lap cat if my mom let me. I am very sweet and sleep most of the time. I am neutered and have recently been to the veterinarian. And I got my one year indoor vaccine. I am not a big fan of dogs, but I do tolerate them and do not scratch them.
I need a home for them by January 12, or they will be going to the SPCA, so if you can house a cat or two please let me know ASAP. And if you are an animal abuser, do not reply.